is a Trans Non-binary Visual Artist, Designer, & Printmaker from The Philippines. Tiu is also the Co-Founder and Studio Director of Bad Student Risograph Art Press & Design Studio

After graduating from the University of the Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts; Pau Tiu has been producing Visual Identities for Filipino Musicians for nearly a decade. Finding the intersection between Music and Visual Arts, Tiu’s practice revolves around creating Album Concepts, Cover Arts, Merch Designs, and Product Designs for CDs, Cassettes, & Vinyls. Within this diverse art practice, Tiu has also directed Editorial Photoshoots, Music Videos, and Short Films. 

Aside from designing for musicians, Pau Tiu has also worked with notable brands like Adidas, Apple, Nike, Shake Shack, Unicef, Uniqlo, and Vans. ︎

Personal Artwork                                                                                                ︎︎︎

A Hill To Die On
Risograph Print
Here is an introduction to my personal artworks.
I feel like my Art is better than my words at explaining my Soul.

This particular series is about my complex feelings towards body dysmorphia. I had this idea of comparing the human body to a mountain range, and I felt like exploring and understanding both earthly creations is a treachorous task.

To you who’s reading this. I hope you see me with a kind heart & gentle eyes.
Thank you for sharing your time with me. ︎

Made with Love
From The Philippines